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What is PINN

Patenschaftsmodell INNsbruck INNsbruck (PINN), founded in 1986
“Only practice encompasses the whole theory”

The central element of the PINN concept is a mentoring relationship: companies or organizations of various sizes, sectors and locations assume a kind of mentoring role over a defined period of time. The design and intensity of the relationship must be agreed between the participants, whereby the parties responsible for the PINN must ensure compliance with “fair” conditions.

The core of the relationship includes issues proposed by interested companies, specified in a discussion with the institute supervisor on a project theme and dealt with by interested students (individual projects). The duration of these projects is between four and eight months, depending on the complexity of the problem. In principle, all topics that fall into the specialist area of our member institutes can be processed by PINN students.

The PINN is thus the attempt, through systematic and regular contacts between students, the university and the business community, to give competitive advantages to all involved. For the students, PINN offers an opportunity to complement the theoretical education offered at the university with instructive insights into the practice and thus the opportunity of getting into contact with people relevant for their future professional life.

PINN sees itself as a service facility for companies and organizations; Students can work out solutions to problems for them, which the partners themselves have no time for or no properly trained staff.

They can gain useful information and developmental impetus by using students’ knowledge, skills and commitment.
They can test the quality and practicality of business graduates in an easy way.
PINN helps its students to reduce personal and professional uncertainties and to perceive the individual PINN building blocks (diaglogues with practice, talks with entrepreneurs, seminars / trainings, PINN presents …, individual projects, projects in courses) as an opportunity for their individual development. On completing the PINN curriculum, students receive the PINN certificate and thus a substantial additional qualification compared to general business studies. Graduates who, in addition to the general compulsory program, have an additional track record are thus perceived as better qualified by future employers.