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The mission of the SoWi-Holding

For years, various institutions at the former Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of the University of Innsbruck have been offering students numerous additional qualification opportunities that go far beyond their usual studies. For business partners there are various initiatives where practice / theory – or business / university meet – all combined under the roof of the SoWi-Holding:

Patenschaftsmodell INNsbruck INNsbruck (PINN), EUROMOBIL, Placement Center.

When PINN and EUROMOBIL started, the idea was to enable performance-oriented, practical and internationally oriented training at the SoWi-Innsbruck in order to respond to international trends in university education. Meanwhile, both initiatives – compared to training programs offered by other European universities – are exemplary in nature and foreign partners praise and acknowledge this repeatedly as a “best practice” example.

In recent years, in addition to numerous large domestic and foreign companies, a whole range of small and medium-sized businesses from the European Region of Tirol have taken the opportunity to use PINN & EUROMOBIL to get state-of-the-art know-how tailored to their challenges and thereby secure a competitive advantage, which is not to be underestimated.

For years, the number of dedicated and achievement-oriented students has also increased – students who want to acquire a practice-based supplementary qualification in addition to general business studies in order to better meet the raised expectations of the business community.

For some time, PINN & EUROMOBIL have not been working “only” at the Faculty of Business and Management, but have also entered into partnerships with interested institutes at the Faculty of Law and Humanities, as well as the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture. We are convinced that this has significantly increased the attractiveness of our offer for future clients.

It has been shown that the placement center in conjunction with the for companies and organizations is an effective and cost-effective HR marketing tool providing fast and targeted internet access to a constantly updated pool of young academics.  Patenschaftsmodell INNsbruck INNsbruck (PINN), EUROMOBIL and the Placement Center have helped to further expand the pioneering role among Austrian universities.
The strategic goal of the SoWi-Holding is to provide services to the social and economic faculties, their members, graduates and partners in the economy. The main task is to also ensure the continuity of existing business areas and to design future, innovative business units as well.