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a forum
EUROMOBIL is a forum for students, companies and university lecturers who are interested in above-average achievements.

an additional training program
EUROMOBIL is an additional training program based on voluntary participation of the Faculty of Business and Management Innsbruck for particularly high-performing students of the diploma program (from the 2nd stage of studies) or Bachelor’s (from the 5th semester) and Master’s degree programs.

an idea
EUROMOBIL was developed because

a university, despite its huge student numbers, should enable the students to differentiate themselves.

the practical business world has an interest in particularly performance-oriented potential employees.

the practical business world sees opportunities for development in cooperation with the university.

both university lecturers and students can learn when coping with practical challenges.

Graduates of business studies at the Faculty of Business and Management at the University of Innsbruck should be enabled to apply the acquired knowledge, skills and abilities to new, often poorly structured situations characterized by different interests.

It is often more important to ask the “right” questions than to know the “right” answers from the outset.
This is why EUROMOBIL aims first and foremost to give all participants the opportunity to learn through openness, while at the same time offering them the outlines of a framework that they can independently use for their own personal and professional development. In this way, we want to help educated, business academics to graduate from the Faculty of Business and Management in Innsbruck knowing what the world of business is about.

Practical relevance means dealing with and understanding business practice, rather than blindly adapting to practice!